「Stormbound: Kingdom Wars」や「ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい」などが配信開始。新作スマホゲームアプリ(無料/基本無料)紹介(9/19)。


Kongregateによるビジュアルが素晴らしいボードゲームのようなターン制ストラテジー「Stormbound: Kingdom Wars」や、可愛いネコ達の放置系ゲーム「ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい」などが配信開始。

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars
ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい
GameDev Empire
Viking Hunters



1.Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

Play thousands of free web and mobile games! Discover the best shooters, role playing games, MMO, CCG, tower defense, action games and more!
Use deep strategies and clever tactics to defeat your enemies. Your kingdom needs you. UNLEASH THE STORM!



Android/iOS Gameplay – PROAPKよりプレイ動画をお借りしました。

Stormbound: Kingdom Wars Gameplay Android / iOS
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars by Kongregate (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad) ►►► SUBSCRIBE PROAPK FOR MORE GAMES :

「Stormbound: Kingdom Wars」や「ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい」などが配信開始。新作スマホゲームアプリ(無料/基本無料)紹介(9/19)。 sddefault

2.ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい




ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい
アプリ「ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい」 ▼アプリのダウンロードはこちら▼ 【iPhone】

「Stormbound: Kingdom Wars」や「ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい」などが配信開始。新作スマホゲームアプリ(無料/基本無料)紹介(9/19)。 sddefault

3.GameDev Empire

ゲーム開発者をテーマにした、”AdVenture Capitalist”風放置系ゲーム。日本語未対応だが、アドベンチャーキャピタリストとあまりシステムは変わらないので問題なくプレイできる。


GameDev Empire – Mobile game (iOS – Android) Trailer
Download the game: iOS: Android: GameDev Empire is the "Adventure Capitalist" of the video game industry! And it's full of fun to play retrogames and features that every gamer will love. Dear “I_would_like_to_be_a_developer_but_I’m_not”, stop dreaming about building a successful video game company, and make it a reality with “GameDev”! Build a video game empire, create the games you’ve always dreamed of, and crush the competition along the way! Begin by creating a few simple casual games and sifting through the game designer market in search for the next Sakeru Minamoto. Together, you and your game designer will create the most extraordinary (and profitable!) platform game in existence! Continue to publish video games while earning millions of dollars until you have gained enough to hire a titan of the game design industry. Become powerful enough to change the future of gaming altogether! To grow your company, hire new employees, get upgrades, and expand your fan base (as well as potential $$customers$$) with the social media simulator. You can also obtain new resources by earning points from the 10 classic retro games available to play! The world of video games needs a new stand-out personality, a new hero of game design, a new unstoppable gaming ruler: it needs someone like YOU! GameDev Empire: simple, instant, impossible to put down!!!

「Stormbound: Kingdom Wars」や「ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい」などが配信開始。新作スマホゲームアプリ(無料/基本無料)紹介(9/19)。 sddefault

4.Viking Hunters



Viking Hunters
App Store & Google Play |

「Stormbound: Kingdom Wars」や「ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい」などが配信開始。新作スマホゲームアプリ(無料/基本無料)紹介(9/19)。 sddefault




#01 – Zombie Apocalypse Racer Gameplay
Available for free on iOS, Android and Windows10. iOS:

「Stormbound: Kingdom Wars」や「ねこかわいい ぼくゆうれい」などが配信開始。新作スマホゲームアプリ(無料/基本無料)紹介(9/19)。 sddefault